We are a family-owned company. Health is in our blood, and our passion has been passed on for many generations already.

It all started with our grandfather: Willem Cornelis Smits (1908 – 1971). He was a well-known naturopath living in the tiny village of Putten (The Netherlands) and one of the first in Holland to complete the German heilpraktiker (naturopathic healing practitioner) course. Partly through this education, he learned to look at different possibilities to help support good health. In the 1930s, he started treating people with herbs. Patients from all over The Netherlands came to Putten to be treated by him. Later, in the 1950s, he founded ‘Zonnatura’, a mail order company, for the benefit of all his patients.

When Willem Smits became seriously ill in the late 1970s, his son Theo Smits, the CEO of Smits Reform (of which Zonnatura was a part), began a search for products to help his father.

Today, this tradition continues; the children of Theo and Hennie, Natasha, Stephan and Samantha, all work within the company (now known as TS Health Products) and are busy continuing the shared ideals.

Currently, TS Health Products employs approximately 40 people—in Holland, Belgium and the United Kingdom.  We distribute a wide range of products and brands to retailers, therapists and directly to consumers.

Together, we share our knowledge and passion for natural health. To facilitate this, we have started a variety of companies each with the same shared goal: your happy, healthy life.


Every colleague at TS Health Products is an important part of our family. Whilst each has their own part to fulfil, at the same time, every colleague is important to the shared goal.

At the heart of the TS Health Products family are: Theo, Natasha, Stephan and Samantha.

Theo Smits – founder: “The development and introduction of new and exciting health products gives me the greatest satisfaction. To know we are doing good.”

Natasha – TS Health Academy: “I am inspired on a daily basis with the many worldwide therapeutic possibilities. The energy I get from this I use to give advice and develop the best education, all aimed at achieving natural health and a healthy state of mind.”

Stephan – Director Owner: “Good health constitutes your personal happiness. All the activities we employ are aimed at contributing to that. Besides this, we are always looking for a win-win with all our relationships, suppliers and customers. We, therefore, are always looking for like-minded people, as we believe that is the way to long-term success.”

Samantha – Boardmember & advisor: “A healthy way of life can be modern and hip at the same time. To help others achieve this and make it part of their life is the reason that motivates me every day.”

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